SR Vivodent CAD and IvoBase CAD

Two proven materials for the efficient production of digital dentures

29 May 2018

SR Vivodent CAD are tooth-coloured, monochromatic discs suitable for the production of tooth segment and dental arches. 

SR Vivodent CADThe proven DCL materials allows for long-lasting dentures and is distinguished by its natural fluorescence. The very high esthetics can mainly be attributed to the interplay of three factors: low opacity of the material, anatomical shape of the teeth and natural surface design.

The dental restorations are individually customized to integrate with the patient’s natural antagonist teeth. Even difficult patient cases can be restored easily. SR Vivodent CAD discs feature a thickness of 20 mm and are available in the shades BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B3, C2 and D2.

High-quality denture bases

IvoBase CADIvoBase CAD are PMMA discs suitable for the production of high-quality denture bases that feature high fracture toughness, longevity and esthetics. The discs have a thickness of 30 mm and are available in four denture base shades: Pink, Pink-V, Preference and 34-V. The shade system is coordinated with Ivoclar Vivadent’s denture base materials, covering the most popular shade requirements.

The industrial manufacturing process ensures a homogeneous material quality. Porosities and air inclusions in the material are minimized.