PrograMill PM7 - The future-proof high-end solution

PrograMill PM7 is the flagship in the PrograMill series.

24 September 2018

23_ZT_PrograMill_PM7_15-00The machine sets new industrial standards of performance and range of indications. PrograMill PM7 is distinguished by its dynamics and powerful performance.

The 5-axis cinematics with harmonic drive and powerful servo motors results in high precision and short milling times. The hybrid bearing high-speed spindle with 970 watt power and up to 60,000 rpm allows users to machine restorations with outstanding surface quality. PrograMill PM7 enables not only high-precision restorations but also an exceptional level of efficiency.


Cleaning work reduced to a minimum
PrograMill PM7 is designed to cover the entire CAD/CAM material range from Ivoclar Digital and optimized for hybrid operation. The machine changes from wet to dry operation fully automatically. New innovations made this possible: a newly designed milling chamber, an optimized suction, a unique coolant fluid concept and an automatic self-cleaning function. The latter is called Active Air Suction. After dry milling, milling dust and chips are removed by means of a targeted air stream. Wet processing is followed by a short drying phase to prevent new milling dust from settling in the milling chamber. When machining PMMA materials, the integrated ionizer neutralizes the statically charged particles for easier extraction.

Automation at a high level
The material changer can manage up to 8 discs and /or 48 blocks. The tool magazine comprises up to 20 tools. Both the discs / blocks are changed and the tool magazine is managed fully automatically via RFID management. This ensures that the correct processing strategy for the respective material is used and thus allows for a flexible and autonomous operation, e.g. overnight.