PrograMill PM7 lets you now manufacture custom-designed titanium abutments

14 December 2020

PrograMill PM7 lets you now manufacture custom-designed titanium abutments

Dental laboratories can now mill custom-designed titanium abutments in the PrograMill PM7 CAD/CAM milling machine. In-house fabrication is made possible by the newly designed PrograMill abutment holder for NT Trading milling blanks.

The abutment holder for NT Trading milling blanks is suitable for the manufacture of one-piece abutments with a prefabricated implant interface. The abutments are designed by the dental technician and then milled from Preform milling blanks made of titanium. This configuration is available for a wide range of implant systems and enhances the flexibility and economic efficiency of the dental laboratory.  

Benefit from a process that is straightforward and user-friendly
The abutment holder has been specially designed for the PrograMill PM7 milling machine and is fully embedded in the digital workflow of Ivoclar Vivadent. No calibration is required. This helps you save time and ensures high precision throughout the entire process. 

RFID enabled automation
The CAM generated milling jobs are allocated to a preform holder by means of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) and they are automatically identified by the milling machine. Once the holder is positioned in the machine, the milling process can be initiated straight away. The abutment is milled from the Preform titanium blank according to the user-defined geometry (CAD design). The implant interface remains untouched by the process. This results in a high-precision titanium abutment with an accurately matching implant interface.

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