More shades and shapes for digital dentures

Ivotion CAD/CAM disc: now available in an extended range of shades and beautiful lifelike tooth shapes

20 January 2021

More shades and shapes for digital dentures

Experts have described our Ivotion Denture System as a real paradigm shift in the digital production of removable dentures. It is an intuitive, smart and efficient technology that provides a fast route to manufacturing high-quality removable dentures.

The system is built on a consistent concept of processes and components. A coordinated workflow links the steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing process in the dental laboratory.

Ivotion CAD/CAM discs get the thumbs up as a 2-in-1 solution

Ivotion is the centrepiece of the Ivotion Denture System. Ivotion is a monolithic CAD/CAM disc that combines the tooth and denture base material in one. Dentures are milled in one piece from the bicoloured disc in a single milling process – that is what we call efficiency! This efficient manufacturing process is rooted in Shell Geometry – data sets of three dimensional tooth and arch geometry.

New shades for Ivotion

Effective immediately, the Ivotion CAD/CAM discs are available in three additional tooth shades: the BL3 Bleach, A3.5 and B1 shades have been added to the existing range of A1, A2 and A3 shades. This means that users can now benefit from more room for manoeuvre to create beautiful lifelike
dentures – and all of that with impressive efficiency. The discs combine the tooth shades with the popular gingiva shades Preference and Pink-V.

Ivotion: extended tooth library

We have extended the range of the Ivotion tooth library to reflect the natural variety of tooth shapes. Now that twelve tooth shapes have been added, the library contains all the moulds based on the Phonares-II tooth line. In total, 18 different anterior moulds are available. Phonares II teeth impress with their individualized esthetic characteristics. A high level of individuality can be achieved with these shapes, from expressive and charismatic to subtle and mild. And the same options are now also available for digital dentures. In addition to the tooth shapes, the Ivotion library comprises the Shell Geometry, which is an essential part of this efficient process.

Ivotion: taking complete digital denture prosthetics to a new level

The Ivotion Denture Systems takes complete digital prosthetics to a new level due to the extended range of shades and the additional tooth moulds. Efficiency teams up with individuality.

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