Ivotion Digital Denture solution wins 2020 ACP Product Innovation Showcase Award

18 December 2020

ACP_Ivotion Award

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Ivotion Digital Denture System was awarded the 2020 American College of Prosthodontics (ACP) Annual Session Innovation Award at the ACP 50th Annual Awards Ceremony November 6, 2020.

Held virtually November 1-7, 2020, the ACP Annual Session “Evolutions and Revolutions in Prosthodontics” showcased the latest dental products and materials from 11 companies in its virtual Product Innovation Showcase. Attendees were invited to explore each of the latest product innovations on display by exhibitors and vote on which stood out as their favorite. Attendees chose the Ivotion Digital Denture System as the top choice.

"This is a wonderful accomplishment and a testament to the innovation of our organization," said Dr. George Tysowsky, Senior Vice President of Technology and Professional Relations. "The American College of Prosthodontists is a highly respect organization that guides dentistry around the world. We are very appreciative of this honor."

The Ivotion Digital Denture System is a revolutionary complete digital workflow for the production of high-quality, removable prosthetics. Combining the Ivotion bicolored single monolithic milling solution with the PrograMill milling unit, Ivotion offers seamless and efficient production of upper and lower dentures in a single uninterrupted milling process. The Ivotion monolithic disc combines high-quality PMMA cross-linked tooth material with a premium denture base material in a single bicolored milling disc for fast and predictable production that eliminates the time-consuming manual tooth-bonding process. The Ivotion disc’s Shell Geometry three-dimensional dental arch structure defines the transition between the tooth and base sections of the milling disc for a stress-free, high strength, and homogenous transition. The exclusive Ivotion CAD design integrated into the 3Shape Dental System 2020 CAD software allows full patient-specific customization of the removable prosthetic to meet patient needs. The denture arch milled in the PrograMill milling unit requires only polishing before delivery.

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