IPS e.max Ceram

Three new shade guides for IPS e.max Ceram and a new Special Edition

8 March 2018

IPS e.max Ceram

Three new shade guides are now available for the IPS e.max Ceram layering ceramic materials. The shade tabs of the IPS e.max Ceram Power guide comprise the Power Dentin and Power Incisal shades.

The IPS e.max Ceram Bleach guide has been extended to include the Power materials in the Bleach shades. In addition, a new IPS e.max Ceram Selection shade guide is now available. This guide comprises the twelve enamel and effect materials of the IPS e.max Ceram Selection.

Moreover, a new Special Edition on IPS e.max has been prepared in collaboration with Dr Stéfen Koubi and Gérald Ubassy (France). On the basis of a clinical case, the publication shows how severe discolouration has been skilfully integrated into an all-ceramic IPS e.max Press restoration to achieve a highly esthetic result.