Flexible scanning with the new dental software

New in 3Shape's Dental System 2018: "Dental System Complete Restorative"

24 October 2018

DS Complete RestorativeThe “Dental System Complete Restorative” offers unlimited access to all common types of restorations at a significantly reduced price. The new attractive software package includes all add-on software modules:

  • Abutment Designer
  • Implant Bar and Bridge
  • Model Builder All Scans
  • Scan It Impression
  • Removable
  • Full Denture

Scan bite registrations directly

With the new articulator holder for E series scanners, bite registrations can be scanned immediately. In addition, the user has a choice of whether to scan the bite registrations in the articulator, with the transfer plates, in the Occlusion Setup Tool or using the conventional method.


The new scanning technology allows users to combine different scans flexibly. Existing scans, intraoral scans, facial scans, or even STL scans can be combined with new scans. In the software, the alignment is easily possible in just a few steps.Scan

Data backup in the cloud

The new 3Shape Dental Backup Service allows you to create and restore the software system settings from the cloud. This service can be activated from the control panel.