Digital Denture-Software

Add-on modules

30 May 2018

UTS CAD und Gnathometer CADThe new Version of the 3Shape Dental System™ features many improvements within the Digital Denture workflow.

The Digital Denture system allows you to efficiently produce customized high-quality dentures with the help of the two add-on modules “Digital Denture” and “Digital Denture Professional”. Since it is a flexible system, the treatment team can choose the option that is right for them for every case at hand.

The following indications are possible:

  • Single-arch complete dentures (upper or lower)
  • Complete dentures (upper and lower)
  • Duplicate complete dentures (upper and lower)
  • Immediate complete dentures (upper and lower)

Digital Denture

Digital Denture software

The Digital Denture software has been exclusively developed by Ivoclar Vivadent. Together with the new SR Vivodent CAD discs, this innovative design software enables a highly automated manufacturing process for the fabrication of dentures. The new functions of the CAD software revolutionizes removable denture prosthetics: It is now possible to adjust the shape of the denture teeth to individually match the patient’s antagonist teeth. In addition, individual (remaining) teeth can be extracted virtually in the software, thus enabling the production of immediate complete dentures. Using the monolithic manufacturing process in conjunction with the IvoBase CAD and SR Vivodent CAD discs, the above indications can be quickly and efficiently produced.

Digital Denture Professional

The Digital Denture Professional software module offers an exclusive clinical treatment route in conjunction with process-supporting tools. UTS CAD and Gnathometer CAD allow you to determine the exact orientation of the occlusal plane and the three-dimensional relation of the jaws. These data can then be transferred to the software – for predictable results.

For high-quality esthetic results, the software includes prefabricated denture teeth from Ivoclar Vivadent. A transfer template for the safe positioning of the individual denture teeth is also automatically created.