Monobond Etch & Prime

Short process using one bottle

29 June 2018

Monobond Etch & PrimeMonobond Etch & Prime is the first single-component ceramic primer in the world that allows you to etch and silanate glass-ceramic surfaces in only one step.

How well does this work in comparison to the conventional protocols involving hydrofluoric acid and silane? This is the question asked by many dentists and dental technicians when it comes to conditioning glass-ceramic restorations before they are seated.

Numerous in vitro studies

Monobond Etch & Prime has been extensively tested by numerous study groups from around the world. In conventional in vitro investigations for bonding agents, the single component ceramic primer technique was compared with established protocols involving hydrofluoric acid etching and silane application. The preferred methods of investigation included tensile bond strength and shear bond strength tests as well as ageing by means of thermocycling.

Monobond Etch & Prime

Comparable adhesion despite simplified application

The investigations show: The bond established by Monobond Etch & Prime between the glass-ceramic and the luting composite is comparable to that created with the hydrofluoric acid and silane method. In addition, the product’s application protocol is much shorter and it eliminates the need for using hydrofluoric acid.

A Scientific Report containing all the study results is available for your perusal.

Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

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