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2 July 2020

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Innovative, interactive and informative – this is a succinct description of the online version of this year’s “International Expert Symposium” (IES), which was organized by Ivoclar Vivadent for the dental industry. The symposium lectures are now available online – free of charge and at any time.

17 renowned dental experts from all over the world inspired 8000 participants from 126 countries in their online lectures.On five consecutive days at the end of May, a series of online lectures was presented in line with the symposium title of “Succeeding together in tomorrow’s dentistry”. The event, which involved 17 well-known dental experts from all over the world, drew an audience of more than 8000 people. The speakers talked about new technologies and current trends and developments and they interacted with the audience in live panel discussions hosted by Professor Jean-Pierre Attal from the University of Paris, making the event a truly unique experience. Aljan de Boer from TrendsActive, a respected trend research agency based in the Netherlands, presented an enlightening keynote lecture entitled “How to attract and manage talent”. He provided the audience with interesting insights and practical tips and tricks on a topic which affects everyone, including the dental industry. The online symposium was presented in partnership with the dental firms 3Shape, Dürr Dental and Komet.

The drivers of the dental industry
In 18 technical lectures, dental specialists discussed the following topics from different perspectives and showed how theory and practice are inexorably linked, and they provided valuable advice for dental experts and practitioners:

Moving forward together
IES Online_01“I am pleased that our program attracted viewers from 85 different nations” said Diego Gabathuler, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent. “The knowledge and skill of our customers together with our system solutions and our training and education offerings will allow all of us to identify and take advantage of new opportunities in the future.”

Event documentation online
For those of you who missed the IES, but are interested in staying up to date about all the latest trends and developments in the industry, you now have the chance to watch the lectures free of charge and at your leisure by logging in to the On Demand sessions. You can also access the questions raised during the panel discussions and the answers of the speakers. If you are interested in watching additional exciting training courses, you will find a large selection of exciting topics in the webinar series of the Ivoclar Vivadent Academy.

International Expert Symposium

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Vorrei essere fra i primi ad avere ulteriori informazioni!

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